I know what you’re thinking, how could I have done this to you? How could I betray you this way? I didn’t. You see, even after all of this time and even after all things done, there hasn’t been a second when I haven’t been on your side. I’m always going to be on your side. You just saw what you wanted to see. - looks can be deceiving; k.b.q.
God, I could listen to you all day. And maybe that’s the problem, I would, even when every word you say is cutting me like a knife inside. - getting lost in your words never gives good results; k.b.q.

Even in the bliss of my rage, I have never stopped checking on you. Sometimes, I’m glad you’re doing okay. Other times, I wish you weren’t, because at least that way I’d have hope you miss me. - there will never be a day; k.b.q.
I never saw the appeal of being confined in a car for days, fighting traffic and struggling for gas. It just sounded too troubling to me. But then I met you, so far away from me, and a road trip meant the opportunity to be with you in a tiny place for many, many hours. So, it became a plan. - Road trip; k.b.q.
I’ve written you so many times. I have had the perfect words just as much as I have been a raged mess. There is so much I wish I could’ve said but the universe has shown me time and again how sometimes things are better left unsaid. - I’ll sing instead; k.b.q.

Tonight’s event.
Of all my choices and mistakes, you’re the one thing I’ll never regret. - k.b.q.
It comes to a point when you just decide to mash it down. You bury it deep inside you to not let it affect you as much and you let it take its time to heal. It will never go away, that’s all you can be sure of. It’ll always be a part of you and you will learn to live with it. One day, it will just stop having some sort of control over you. And you’ll be okay. - 23; k.b.q.
I love you but you left. If you were to come back, you’d leave again and, honestly, I can’t afford another mistake. So, I love you but gone you should stay. - things I’m learning #22; k.b.q.