I love you but you left. If you were to come back, you’d leave again and, honestly, I can’t afford another mistake. So, I love you but gone you should stay. - things I’m learning #22; k.b.q.
I can lie to myself all I want but at the end of the day, I’m not who you miss at night. - Things I’m Learning #20; k.b.q.
I hold you in the pages
of a story I read every day
But sooner rather than later
I’ll put it down
and it will only sit there,
Never to be touched again. - It’s that what you really want?; k.b.q.
I can never understand what is it about you that draws me to you. You give me a sense of security when you’re around but so much uncertainty when you’re gone. I don’t know if it’s just my own insecurities projected onto you but how can someone make me feel so safe yet so unsure? I can only seem to call it love. - k.b.q.

One day I will stop obsessing over it, but today is not the day.
I don’t regret my choices because now I’ve got you and that’s all I really need. - Things I’m Learning #21; k.b.q.
If I were to stay
in this moment of my life
that time will erase
I’d look for you again.
I don’t recall your name,
I only know your face
but with you,
I’d change my ways. - love at first sight; k.b.q.
You’re not going to notice.
You’re never going to know
even if it’s right in front your nose.
You will never see
how I really felt about you
or everything I did
because of you.
There won’t be a moment of enlightenment
Nor a day of realization
because you fell for her
the way I fell for you
and you’re as blind to the world
as I am when it comes to you
but it’s okay,
you don’t owe me anything
you never did.
You see, all those things
All songs, poems and stories
were about you but for me
you inspired me
but I brought them to life
and now I know
You’re not going to notice
and that’s alright
because the future looks bright
and if I find you in that way
tomorrow will be better than yesterday. - this is about and for you; k.b.q.
My eyes might not get to see you but my heart will always feel you. - k.b.q.

Busy streets and empty rooms,
these walls hold secrets
no one wants to keep and
all I know is
no matter how it ends,
what’s been done
or what’s been said,
you’ll always be
like New York to me.