The one thing I know is I made you smile. Whatever thing that happened and ruined everything is crap, because I made you smile. We might never work it out. Maybe we will, someday. But you had fun with me. I might have even made you forget things weren’t right, even if it was just a little while. For me, that’s enough, because I loved having you around. - February 13rd, 2014. k.b.q.  (via lightingupthemoon)
The butterflies never left me, they just fell asleep in your absence. - late night discoveries; k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)
Years will go by and we will change as much as seasons do, but no matter how heavy the winter or how unbearable the summer heat, I’ve got you. - that’s a promise; k.b.q.
What do I see in you, you asked?
I can see stardust on your hair;
the constellations adorning your face.
I see the way you shine with a blinding light,
And you don’t even try.
I can see the red shade across your face
as the stars begin to dance, because they know
how great we could get.
And your eyes,
I see all the stories they could tell,
There’s something there that could stop the rain;
Maybe you could light up a sky if you dared.
What do I see in you, you asked?
I’ll let the night hold this secret, it will never tell:
The way you look under the moonlight
Got me falling into space. - "Under the Moonlight." K.B.Q. (via lightingupthemoon)
I almost texted you today.
I wrote a simple ‘hey’
but I wasn’t ready to hit ‘send’.
I almost texted you today.
I wanted to know how you were,
but I decided to wonder instead.
I almost texted you today
‘I’m sorry I wasn’t there’
but I was, you just never took a glance.
I almost texted you today,
‘I’ve missed you since you left’
but I don’t know if anything would’ve changed.
I almost texted you today
and told you all I never said,
but what’s the point, anyway?
I’m almost sure you wouldn’t have cared. - almost; k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)
I don’t look at it every night
but I know you do
no matter how far the sky
in the stars I find you
and your memory comes along
like the undefeated moon
that will always come out
even if I don’t want it to. - night skies; k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)


I will always
the burning throat

given by alcohol 
the aching heart 

given by loving you.

You’re like New York to me,
The only place I want to be,
Full of lights and mysteries. - "Not a City, but a World." k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)
I have the sound of your voice engraved in my soul,
I’ll remember it whenever I miss you too much. - "I Won’t Call You Again." k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)
You left, but I didn’t stop you, either. I wish I had. - "Things I’m learning #11" k.b.q. (via lightingupthemoon)